Personal Branding & Image Coaching

Personal Branding and Image Coaches – can help you improve your digital personal brand, or learn how to dress more powerfully to match your characters and personality (personal presence and increase gravitas)


Personal Branding & Styling coaches will increase the impact of your brand and impression that make impact on people. We typically concerns to identify your unique-selling-point, building your interpersonal skills, improving the way you present yourself physically – packaging you to increase your influence.

We will make you:

  • Stand out from the crowd!

  • Create a new opportunities for more money, or a promotion

  • Build confidence and success in each individual for networking, business or organisation

  • Create a powerful positive first-impression as an individual or as a team of organisation

  • Feel exclusively great and dress to your body type

  • Find your values as well be able to express them powerfully

Our Coaches are:

  • Honest & give objective feedbacks

  • A sounding board for strategies

  • Unique and Trustable 

  • Action accountability

  • Always on the ball to create new creative ideas for you

With that, YOUR UNIQUE way of being, behaving and presenting yourself

that will make you feel more confident will appear.

This in turn increases your self-worth.

Wellness (Health & Fitness) Coaching

Health & Fitness Coaches – are certified health advisers who advice you on nutrition, healthy life style, to fitness coaches who specialise in specific sporting and fitness activities (e.g. swimming, tennis, yoga, dance etc). Our aim is to reach the optimal health and wellness, losing/gaining weight, building strength, eating well, living a balanced lifestyle, feeling more energized, taking care of self, physical healing for you.


Health and fitness Coaches will help you cultivate a healthier lifestyle.We empower you to find your motivation and using customised approaches, to reach your physical and emotional health goals.

We will make you:

  • Lose or gain weight

  • Shape up

  • Strengthen your body

  • Eat better

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Quit habits like smoking

  • Lower stress levels

  • Enhance your Spiritual energy


Our Coaches will help:

  • Assess your current health condition

  • Develop your health goals

  • Establish your plan

  • Coach you through difficulties

  • Physically be there as you train

  • Track your progress

Choosing the Best Coaches:
  1. Get the coach’s credentials

  2. Ask for examples of clients that the coaches have helped before

  3. The Coach must be able full of knowledge of the topics covered

  4. Understand the coach’s approach and coaching methods

Our Coaches will sit  down with you to discuss:
  • Where in your life are you unfulfilled and wanting more? Or where might you feel something is missing?

  • Your goal: what are you hoping to see, feel, experience, have?

  • How serious you are: what are you willing to change, give up, challenge yourself in?

  • What you need from a coach: Expertise? Guidance? Ass-kicking? Direction? Someone you can trust who is willing to listen? Does gender matter? Make a list describing this work partnership.


a Style Coach ...


a Photographer ...

a Model ...

a Graphic Designer ...

a Fashion Designer ...

a Trend Setter ...

an Enteprenuer ...

a Motivator ...

an Opportunitist ...

Whatever I have become now . . . Believing in myself. . .

Confidence comes easy . . .to achieve whatever in life!

Nick Isa believes that  he could help his clients to achieve success
& feel good everyday inside and outside.
Nick Isa
Positive Entrepreneur & Founder